Hopeton Farm   

A Whole Diet Farm in Temperanceville, Va
Offering a Dairy Herd Share, Eggs, Meats and Vegetables.
Locally Grown Produce and Pasture Raised Meats.

About Us

We are a little farm on the ES of VA working hard to bring fresh, grass fed, naturally raised meats to your table. We use a sustainable, holistic management framework for our entire operation.  The chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep and goats are pasture raised and are fed an Amish grown grain when grain is needed. We feel it is the highest quality, feed available to us. There is no use of steroids, hormones, or other unnatural additives in the grains we purchase or the animals we raise. 


We  live our life fully, preserving natural living, livestock farming, gardening, food preservation methods, cooking from scratch, DIY crafts and re-purposing. 

      Its about homesteading..... Being self sufficient.... Practicing Mindful Living. 

Never Under Estimate